I am known as Yakkun to my Japanese friends. It’s a combination of my name Jakub and the Japanese honorific –kun. Since I’ve always wanted a cool nickname, it was perfect for me.

Traveling and my love for Japan are hard-wired in my DNA. As far as my earliest memories, I’ve always gravitated towards planes and anything related to air travel. I recall nostalgic summer family road trips across Europe.

However, I would find myself checking flight information when I visited Prague Airport dreaming of faraway places. The airport lobby hosted clocks with different time zones: London, New York, and Tokyo. I felt a fire ignite within me; I had to see these great cities.


In 2015, I finally visited all 3 cities. Also during that time, I became serious about photography and purchased my first DSLR. My goal is to enhance and polish my shooting style to capture the fleeting beauty of city streets around the world.